Pakistan initiated an anti-dumping investigation on some Vietnamese cold rolled steel products

(Daiphuc corp) - According to the information from Vietnam Trade Office in Pakistan, on 25 February 2021, the National Tariff Commission of Pakistan (Investigation Agency) initiated the anti-dumping investigation on some cold rolled steel products originated or exported from Vietnam, China, the European Union and South Korea.

Specifically, the goods under investigation are cold rolled steel coils/sheets exported from 1 October 2019 to 30 September 2020 and classified according to the customs codes of Pakistan: 7209.1510, 7209.1590, 7209.1610, 7209.1690, 7209.1710, 7209.1790, 7209.1810, 7209.1891, 7209.1899, 7209.2510, 7209.2590, 7209.2610, 7209.2690, 7209.2710, 7209.2790, 7209.2810 and 7209.2890.

The Vietnamese enterprise mentioned in the lawsuit is China Steel & Nippon Steel Vietnam Joint Stock Company (CSVC). The alleged dumping tax rate imposed on the Vietnamese enterprise is 27.98%. Stakeholders must present themselves to the Investigation Agency within 10 days of the initiation at Secretary, National Tariff Commission, State Life Building No.5, Blue Area, Islamabad, Tel: + 9251-9202839, Fax: + 9251-9221205. The deadline for responding to the questionnaire and submitting information is within 45 days from the date of initiation.
According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, within 180 days from the date of issuing the preliminary conclusion, there will be a final conclusion. Therefore, in order to help businesses cope with the above incident, the Trade Defense Department recommends that production and export associations and enterprises quickly report to the Investigation Agency and participate in full cooperation and reply to the Investigation questions to enjoy a private tax rate. On the other hand, it is necessary to regularly coordinate and exchange information with Pakistani importers to “raise voice” to the Pakistani Government, require the Investigation Agency to seriously consider socio-economic interests and interests of consumers and regularly consult with the Trade Defense Department to receive timely support.
The Ministry of Industry and Trade also noted that any act of non-cooperation or inadequate cooperation could lead to the use of unfavorable available evidence by the Pakistani Investigation Agency or imposing the highest anti-dumping duty proposed by plaintiff. The application of high anti-dumping tax will not only reduce competitive advantage, but also expose enterprises to the risk of losing part or all of export markets to the domestic manufacturing industry of Pakistan and/or other competitors from other countries.
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