Strengthening inspection of tax declaration and payment of cross-boarder e-commerce enterprises

(Daiphuc corp) - In order to implement the solutions in the project named "Tax management for e-commerce in Vietnam", the General Department of Taxation has just sent a written request to Tax Departments of provinces and cities to urgently and seriously synchronize management solutions to prevent tax loss in this field.

Accordingly, functional units need to review, classify, monitor and regularly update information about companies conducting business activities that generate income from various forms in e-commerce. Tax authorities at all levels strengthen propaganda for organizations participating in e-commerce business activities that generate income from online platform owners to fully grasp the contents of tax declaration and payment obligations. At the same time, tax authorities proactively report to the People's Committees of the provinces and cities and propose plans and solutions to coordinate with departments, agencies, communication enterprises, and network infrastructure providers to collect fully and timely information of organizations engaged in e-commerce business. 

The tax sector will coordinate with commercial banks, financial companies, and payment intermediary service providers to collect business information and transaction cash flow data. On that basis, it will synthesize and compare information and data to promptly identify cases where tax declaration and payment obligations arise but they have not yet performed tax registration and tax declaration and payment as prescribed. It is necessary to strictly handle cases of deliberate fraud and tax evasion to transfer to police agencies for investigation, verification and handling in accordance with law. In particular, in order to prevent transactions on international payment gateways (including those related to Paypal) that are not in accordance with the provisions of Vietnamese law, the State Bank has recently asked issuers to Cards to coordinate, exchange and research measures to identify transactions related to Paypal, with the goal of management and provision according to regulations for the authorities. Therefore, the General Department of Taxation proposes tax departments to coordinate with relevant authorities in detecting the acts of tax declaration and payment that are not according to regulations and the acts of tax evasion and fraud related to transactions on international payment gateways for handling measures in accordance with the law.
Periodically, Tax Departments must report on tax inspection results for companies, individuals and business households that are organizing business activities and generating income from various forms of business in the field of e-commerce.                          
Trung Kien


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