More items are exempt from import tax for epidemic prevention and control

(Daiphuc corp) - On September 30, 2021, Minister of Finance Ho Duc Phuoc signed Decision No. 1921/QD-BTC adding import tax-exempt items to the list of tax-exempt items supporting the prevention and control of Covid-19 epidemic. 

Accordingly, in this decision, the following items of materials for the production of Covid-19 test rods have been added to the List of import tax-exempt items for epidemic prevention and control as follows: Aluminum bags (used to store test kits), test rod bottom covers (used to assemble and create test rods), test rod top covers (used to assemble and create test rods), tubes containing the test sample (used to hold the test sample), test tube holders (used to fix the tubes), nasopharyngeal swabs (used to take samples to be tested), nasal swabs (used to collect samples to be tested).
This Decision takes effect from the date of signing to the date of the competent authority's written announcement of the end of epidemic.                                                             


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