Strengthening capacity on trade remedies when participating in free trade agreements

(Daiphuc corp) - Deputy Prime Minister Le Van Thanh has just signed Decision 1659/QD-TTg on October 2, 2021 approving the project "Strengthening capacity on trade remedies in the context of participating in new generation free trade agreements".

Accordingly, the project sets a specific goal by 2030 to amend the Law on Foreign Trade Management and relevant legal documents in the field of trade remedies or to develop a Law on Trade Remedies. The staff in ministries, branches and localities are fully equipped with knowledge and skills on using and responding to trade remedies. A team of legal experts and consultants has in-depth knowledge of trade remedies to support manufacturing industries to ensure Vietnam's interests in international trade.

The content of trade remedies is included in the development programs, strategies and policies of key manufacturing industries. It is required to strengthen international cooperation, actively participate in negotiations, develop regulations on trade remedies, and settle disputes within the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and free trade agreements.
In order to achieve the above objectives, the project will implement a number of specific tasks and solutions such as studying the model of trade remedy investigation agencies of other countries and summarizing operational practices in Vietnam, from which proposes to complete the appropriate model; select a number of fundamental manufacturing industries which have an important impact on socio-economic development to strengthen trade remedy capacity during the implementation of free trade agreements; develop a mechanism for consultation, support and information exchange between state management agencies and the business community and associations, especially small and medium-sized enterprises to assess the possibility of applying trade remedies; and develop and implement programs to provide information for businesses to serve the handling of trade remedy cases.  


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